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  • Estate Sales
  • Moving Sales
  • Downsizing Sales & Liquidation
  • Divorce Sales

We make it easy for you. How Easy? I'm glad you asked:
  1. You decide a few things using our super-easy questionaire.
  2. Set a date.
  3. We perform the local advertising, marketing, signage etc. 
  4. Pick up your check.

That sounds doable, doesn't it? So call today for a free evaluation. 
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I am willing and able for all challenges ,and emergency situations are my specialty.

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"Sally made everything easy for me. I was confused and didn't know how to go about this..." Susan Hardt ,Killeen Texas

"I'm extremely glad that I chose Salley to help my family. Life was painful enough without all the added stress. Sally was a God-send..." Carol Troy ,Financial Advisor

Austin Texas

Integrity and Commitment

It's hard to know who to trust theses days. That's why our proven track record of honesty and integrity and trust is so important.
I've worked hard build my reputation as not only the best, but most most reliable agent in South Texas... I have been noticed and achieved the Top 50 on Estate with my Previous partner Matt Kilgore.
I have won prestigious awards for Estate Sales companies from Dallas to Brownsville. Now that I own my own Estate Sales company, I'm not about to change now!

Safe and Secure

Our commitment to you and your best interests is upfront and visible, but rest assured, our endeavor to keep your best interests at heart remains on going, even behind the scenes...
That's just another reason why we are Bonded and Insured to protect your valuable assets.
For 4 years running, I've been able to perform Estate Sales without incident! Nevertheless, "It's better to be safe than sorry", I always say.